[lustre-discuss] error while lustre client rpm build

Parag Khuraswar parag_k at citilindia.com
Mon Mar 7 17:12:35 PST 2016


When I'm trying to build lustre client rpm using Mellanox Ofed, I'm  getting below error.

checking whether to use Compat RDMA... /usr/bin/ofed_info
configure: error:
You seem to have an OFED installed but have not installed it's devel package.
If you still want to build Lustre for your OFED I/B stack, you need to install its devel headers RPM.
Instead, if you want to build Lustre for your kernel's built-in I/B stack rather than your installed OFED stack, either remove the OFED package(s) or use --with-o2ib=no.

Can anyone suggest what is going wrong.

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