[lustre-discuss] error while lustre client rpm build

eteced 10000 at candesoft.com
Mon Mar 7 19:50:03 PST 2016

On 2016/3/8 9:12, Parag Khuraswar wrote:
> Hi,
> When I’m trying to build lustre client rpm using Mellanox Ofed, I’m  
> getting below error.
> checking whether to use Compat RDMA... /usr/bin/ofed_info
> ...

Hi, Parag

      I use Mellanox OFED too. However, I think you should place the 
path of its header at the configure parameter '--with-o2ib' rather than 
its binary path.
      If you use the official package downloaded from 
http://www.mellanox.com/page/products_dyn?product_family=26 installing 
MLNX_OFED, I think you could find the header at 
/usr/src/ofa_kernel/default. I run the 'configure' program using below 
command line to build lustre client without any problem:
--with-o2ib=/usr/src/ofa_kernel/default --disable-server
Hopefully It is useful.

Yingdi Guo

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