[lustre-discuss] Lustre upgrade choice

Jérôme BECOT jerome.becot at inserm.fr
Thu Mar 17 09:09:27 PDT 2016


I may have asked it before but we have postponed this operation until 
now. As we are facing some strange behavior on our 2.6 servers, we want 
to upgrade them.

To be sure :
- is just about properly shutting down the Lustre file system and update 
the binaries ? Is the ldiskfs partition 100% compatible with newer 
versions ? Are they updated by an "upgrading" process ? Is there any 
risk of data loss ? (it's a scratch but we may want to do a full backup 
if there's a risk)

- The 2.8.0 is released. What is your advice about the upgrade ? Shall 
we go from 2.6.0 to 2.7.0 or to 2.8.0 ?

Thank you

Jérome BECOT

Administrateur Systèmes et Réseaux

Molécules à visée Thérapeutique par des approches in Silico (MTi)
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Case 013
Bât. Lamarck A, porte 412
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