[lustre-discuss] SATTR in Lustre Changelog

Qing Zheng zhengq at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 23 10:02:35 PDT 2016


We are monitoring Lustre 2.7.0 using the Changelog
and have a question on SATTR op families

We noticed Changelog had defined SATTR, MTIME, CTIME, and ATIME log 

We also kind of figured

SATTR with flag 0x10 means CHMOD
SATTR with flag 0x20 means CHOWN
SATTR with flag 0x40 means CHGRP

We'd like to know if it is possible for Lustre to produce SATTR records 
with mtime/ctime/atime updates?

And does Lustre ever produce CTIME or ATIME logs,
since so far we don't see those logs in the Changelog even we touch a 
file manually.

Changelog is a great tool and we are just trying to know its behavior 

-- Qing Zheng

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