[lustre-discuss] Quick ZFS pool question?

Mohr Jr, Richard Frank (Rick Mohr) rmohr at utk.edu
Thu Oct 13 10:54:16 PDT 2016

> On Oct 13, 2016, at 12:32 PM, E.S. Rosenberg <esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu> wrote:
> I thought ZFS was only recommended for OSTs and not for MDTs/MGS?

ZFS usually has lower metadata performance for MDT than using ldiskfs which is why some people recommend ZFS only for the OSTs.  However, ZFS has features (like snapshots) that are useful for the MDT so some folks are willing to accept a performance hit in order to take advantage of those features.

Rick Mohr
Senior HPC System Administrator
National Institute for Computational Sciences

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