[lustre-discuss] ko2iblnd LNET optimizations

Riccardo Veraldi Riccardo.Veraldi at cnaf.infn.it
Fri Oct 21 09:15:30 PDT 2016


on my Lustre OSSs I have the following settings in ko2iblnd

alias ko2iblnd-opa ko2iblnd
options ko2iblnd-opa peer_credits=128 peer_credits_hiw=64 credits=1024 
concurrent_sends=256 ntx=2048 map_on_demand=32 fmr_pool_size=2048 
fmr_flush_trigger=512 fmr_cache=1

install ko2iblnd /usr/sbin/ko2iblnd-probe

install ko2iblnd /usr/sbin/ko2iblnd-probe

and this comes with the Lustre server installation. The configuration is 
ok for Mellanox Connect-X 3 for example.

On the Lustre client side I have no ko2iblnd.conf installed so the 
parameters defined are the defaults, in particular the peer_credits is 
set to 8.
Should I use the same ko2iblnd server settings also client side (peer 
credits 128) for best performances ?



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