[lustre-discuss] Copying quotas?

Phill Harvey-Smith p.harvey-smith at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Oct 26 01:52:57 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I'm just in the process of replacing our lustre servers to new hardware.

The old servers mds0/oss0 where running on Ubuntu 10.04, with a redhat 
kernel and lustre 2.1.0.

The new servers mds1/oss1 are running on Centos 7.2 with lustre 2.8.0.

The filesystems on the new server are the same sizes (to within a few 
GB), and have the same names as on the old setup, and are mounted at the 
same points as on the old setup.

I'm just copying the data over using rsync, which I believe should also 
copy the permissions. So on a machine with the new 2.8 client I'm doing

rsync -av root at fe0:/scratch/ /scratch

It strikes me that the quotas will not be copied over, is there an easy 
way of doing this?

Alternately is there a better way of cloning the old filesystems to the new?



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