[lustre-discuss] Copying quotas?

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Wed Oct 26 06:44:54 PDT 2016

I'm not sure if these will work for you, but I just pushed a patch for
LU-4939 http://review.whamcloud.com/#/c/23395/ which may do the trick.  I
haven't checked quota settings yet.

-Ben Evans

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>Hi all,
>I'm just in the process of replacing our lustre servers to new hardware.
>The old servers mds0/oss0 where running on Ubuntu 10.04, with a redhat
>kernel and lustre 2.1.0.
>The new servers mds1/oss1 are running on Centos 7.2 with lustre 2.8.0.
>The filesystems on the new server are the same sizes (to within a few
>GB), and have the same names as on the old setup, and are mounted at the
>same points as on the old setup.
>I'm just copying the data over using rsync, which I believe should also
>copy the permissions. So on a machine with the new 2.8 client I'm doing
>rsync -av root at fe0:/scratch/ /scratch
>It strikes me that the quotas will not be copied over, is there an easy
>way of doing this?
>Alternately is there a better way of cloning the old filesystems to the
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