[lustre-discuss] lost files on ZFS

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Sun Oct 30 05:33:12 PDT 2016

Hi all,

we have a larger amount of files that give ??? on 'ls' and the error 
"Cannot allocate memory"
The corresponding error on the OSS is
"lvbo_init failed for resource ... rc = -2"

This seems similar to LU-5457 (although the OSTs do not go into disconn 
Our filesystem is on Lustre 2.5.3, zfs 0.6.3, from the start. So per 
Oleg's explanation,
"this could be fallout from earlier sync failures where OST announced it 
created some objects, failed to sync that to disk and then after dying 
and restarting the objects that were handed out by MDTs out of this pool 
are no longer there"

The affected OSTs are evenly distributed, however.
Finding the creation time of those files is difficult at best, but I am 
not aware of any series of crashes of so many OSSes in the recent months.
And how can this happen with ZFS-OSTs? Should this be possible so easily?


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