[lustre-discuss] how to get objid in zfs?

Alexander I Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Fri Sep 16 12:06:33 PDT 2016

What is the simple way to find corrupted file reported in lustre error, like :
Sep 12 19:12:29 lfs7 kernel: LustreError: 10704:0:(ldlm_resource.c:1188:ldlm_resource_get()) lfs-OST0012: lvbo_init failed for resource 0x51b94b:0x0: rc = -2

0x51b94b looks like objid, how to find fid or the file corresponding to it?
I can scan underlying zfs with zdb like in zfsobj2fid.py . Where to look for objid?
What is format of trusted.lma in lustre zfs?

OST reported errors like these and some objects were orphaned. 
few files were reported by user having ls error
-????????? ? ?      ?          ?            ?  filename
and I was able to identify file with lfs getstripe and unlink it.
Name to objid was easy. Now I need to translate the opposite way.
I would like to identify a dozen of other objects reported in the logs and trying to avoid full scan of namespace.

Lustre 2.5.3

Thank you in advance, 

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