[lustre-discuss] Getting Monthly file usage report on lustre 1.8.7

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Mon Sep 26 06:33:43 PDT 2016

'lfs df'  and 'lfs df -I' will give you OST-level information on bytes used and files used.  Those are both pretty rough numbers, though.

Other than that, I believe you need to use normal POSIX tools for scanning directories and gathering information.  Depending on the size of your system, that will be expensive and take a long time.

-Ben Evans

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Subject: [lustre-discuss] Getting Monthly file usage report on lustre 1.8.7

We have lustre 1.8  running . We would like to have a monthly report on filesystem usage , i.e how much  space has been used   every month.

Any tools that can do this?

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