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OpenSFS will be voting for new features and enhancements to be made for the
Lustre filesystem. These features and enhancements will be submitted to a
ticket tracking system via representation from each Member organization.
These requests will be collected and merged by the OpenSFS organization,
then Member organizations will be able to vote on these over a two-week
period. Each Member organization will have ten votes that will be used to
determine ranking of features and enhancements. Member organizations can
cast their votes on a single item or distribute them among the items as they
see fit. Once this list has been collected, the OpenSFS Board will organize
and evaluate the final list before submitting it to the OpenSFS Partners.
Partners will then provide feedback and have direct discussions with the
OpenSFS Board. The OpenSFS Board will then provide a summary of the Partner
feedback and thus allow action items to be created to act on the final list
of features and enhancements.


This system will provide a tangible benefit to Members as it will allow for
a collaborative list of features and enhancements, which would otherwise be
difficult to collect. With all Members informed on this submitted list, it
will be easier to gain community-wide traction on specific and needed
features and enhancements to Lustre. Direct Participant feedback will also
help improve and focus these submitted ideas to allow for achievable
success, benefiting the whole Lustre community.


OpenSFS Partners benefit from having the collected experience of Members
generating ideas for the future of Lustre, while still being able to provide
feedback and help steer the process. This will foster collaboration between
the Lustre community and its vendors, which will allow for a unified front
for ideas and suggestions. This will allow for a higher likelihood of
features and enhancements being accepted and included in future versions of


This email is being shared with the community as an overview of our plans
and process. Additional details and a specific call to action will be
provided in the coming weeks. 



OpenSFS Administration 


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