[lustre-discuss] replacing empty OST

Patrick Shopbell pls at astro.caltech.edu
Wed Jan 18 17:18:05 PST 2017

Hi Lustre gurus -
Quick question about replacing a new, empty OST: I installed an
OST (#9) briefly from a specific machine, and then ended up
aborting that install. (It didn't work due to some version mismatch
errors.) I've since solved all those problems, reinstalled the OSS,
and reformatted the OST. (Maybe I should not have done that...)

Anyway, now I can add the OST, and it sort of works, except it
notes that OST #9 is already assigned. So I get an error like this:

[date] astrolmgs kernel: LustreErrorL 140-S: Server lustre-OST0009 
requested index 9, but that index is already in use. Use --writeconf to 

Since I don't care about the data on there (because there isn't
any), is there any shortcut to getting this to work? Or do I just
need to shut everything down, run writeconf on the MGS and
OSS units, then start everything back up? Is there any way to
make the system think that this OST #9 volume is the same as
the earlier failed volume - since it really is the same thing,
meaning a new empy OST.

I know I could just disable OST 9 everywhere and call this one
OST 10, but I'd rather not...

I am running the old Lustre 2.5.2.

Thanks a lot,


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