[lustre-discuss] replacing empty OST

Jessica Otey jotey at nrao.edu
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If I'm understanding you correctly, I think you just need to pass 
--replace when you run mkfs.lustre.

from man mkfs.lustre

               Used  to  initialize a target with the same --index as a 
previously used target if the old target was permanently lost for some 
reason (e.g.
               multiple disk failure or massive corruption).  This 
avoids having the target try to register as a new target with the MGS.

This will allow you to specify the index number you used previously. You 
will probably need --reformat as well if it detects a filesystem already 

I've done this and it doesn't require unmounting anything.


On 01/19/2017 05:35 PM, Patrick Shopbell wrote:
> Thank you very much for the reply, Marion. But I did indeed use
> that option. In fact, I think that option is a safety that keeps one
> from inadvertently overwriting a Lustre volume. If mkfs.lustre
> detects a Lustre file system on the volume being formatted, it
> notes that you have to specify "--reformat" to force the format
> to overwrite the old filesystem.
> It doesn't seem to have reset the info on the MGS, from what I
> can tell.
> I was hoping there is some way to do this without having to
> unmount the entire filesystem everywhere... But perhaps there
> is not. Maybe I will just skip OST 9 and move on to 10...
> Thanks anyway.
> Patrick
> On 1/18/17 5:58 PM, Marion Hakanson wrote:
>> Patrick,
>> I'm no guru, but there's a "--reformat" option to the mkfs.lustre 
>> command
>> which you can use when re-creating a lost/destroyed OSS.  That should
>> tell the MGS that you intend to re-use the index.
>> Regards,
>> Marion
>>> To: <lustre-discuss at lists.lustre.org>
>>> From: Patrick Shopbell <pls at astro.caltech.edu>
>>> Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 17:18:05 -0800
>>> Subject: [lustre-discuss] replacing empty OST
>>> Hi Lustre gurus -
>>> Quick question about replacing a new, empty OST: I installed an
>>> OST (#9) briefly from a specific machine, and then ended up
>>> aborting that install. (It didn't work due to some version mismatch
>>> errors.) I've since solved all those problems, reinstalled the OSS,
>>> and reformatted the OST. (Maybe I should not have done that...)
>>> Anyway, now I can add the OST, and it sort of works, except it
>>> notes that OST #9 is already assigned. So I get an error like this:
>>> [date] astrolmgs kernel: LustreErrorL 140-S: Server lustre-OST0009
>>> requested index 9, but that index is already in use. Use --writeconf to
>>> force.
>>> Since I don't care about the data on there (because there isn't
>>> any), is there any shortcut to getting this to work? Or do I just
>>> need to shut everything down, run writeconf on the MGS and
>>> OSS units, then start everything back up? Is there any way to
>>> make the system think that this OST #9 volume is the same as
>>> the earlier failed volume - since it really is the same thing,
>>> meaning a new empy OST.
>>> I know I could just disable OST 9 everywhere and call this one
>>> OST 10, but I'd rather not...
>>> I am running the old Lustre 2.5.2.
>>> Thanks a lot,
>>> Patrick
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