[lustre-discuss] online LFSCK - detailed output?

Steve Barnet barnet at icecube.wisc.edu
Thu Mar 2 10:28:28 PST 2017

Hi all,

   I have a filesystem that definitely has some consistency
errors (very long tail of woe). I'm planning to run the
online LFSCK to find and fix these errors. At the moment,
I'm just doing a dry run to get a feel for how much corruption
it's finding.

   One thing that would be very interesting would be more detailed
output about corrective actions that *would be* taken. The
traditional filesystem fsck provide this sort of information
with the right flags. You can also capture the output of a live
run which is occasionally very helpful.

   I've been poking around the documentation, and I don't see
that it is possible to do this for the online check. Is there
any option (possibly undocumented :-) ) for doing this? We're
running the 2.8.0 community edition.




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