[lustre-discuss] "getting" ldlm_enqueue_min

Cowe, Malcolm J malcolm.j.cowe at intel.com
Wed Mar 29 14:48:01 PDT 2017

The Lustre manual suggests that the syntax should be:

	lctl set_param -P <fsname>.sys.ldlm_enqueue_min=100

… but this doesn’t work on my own environment, and a quick scan of JIRA tickets and the web indicates that these settings are no longer applied through lctl parameters. Instead, they are options for the ptlrpc kernel module. The relevant JIRA ticket is:


There’s an article on the lustre.org wiki that has an explanation:


One of the examples mentioned there is as follows:

options ptlrpc at_max=400
options ptlrpc at_min=40
options ptlrpc ldlm_enqueue_min=260


On 30/3/17, 1:39 am, "lustre-discuss on behalf of Thomas Roth" <lustre-discuss-bounces at lists.lustre.org on behalf of t.roth at gsi.de> wrote:

    Hi all,
    I found that I can set 'ldlm_enqueue_min', but not read it.
    At least
     > lctl set_param -P ldlm_enqueue_min=100
    results in no errors but just 'Lustre: Setting parameter general.ldlm_enqueue_min in log params'
     > lctl get_param  ldlm_enqueue_min
     > error: get_param: param_path 'ldlm_enqueue_min': No such file or directory
    Correct: all the timeouts are found in /proc/sys/lustre/, but there is no 'ldlm_enqueue_min' (nor anywhere else in /proc)
    This happens both on 2.5.3 and 2.9
    Did I misunderstand something here, or are we missing a parameter?
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