[lustre-discuss] Upgrade lustre servers (2.1.3 to the latest stable version)

Ekaterina Popova Ekaterina.Popova at ihep.ru
Tue May 16 00:18:52 PDT 2017

I would be very grateful if you could help me to plan my upgrade.
Our lustre  file system size is about 190TB. Our mgs/mds/oss servers are 
quite old. OS is SL6 and lustre version is 2.1.3. Lustre clients version 
is 2.5.3.
We'll plan to upgrade servers to the latest stable version (2.9.0). At 
that time we want to turn on quotas (now they are turn off).

1) Can we upgrade Lustre from 2.1.3 to 2.9.0 at one step and turn on 
quotas at the same step?
2) Plan B: Can we upgrade operating system on one oss server (from SL6 
to Centos7), turn on old lustre on this server, and then step by step 
upgrade all servers. After upgrade  operating systems on all servers and 
turning on old lustre it is possible to upgrade lustre version on all 
servers safely?
3) We can't make backup all data - only mdt device can be backed up. Is 
it possible to lose all our data? What is the best way to prevent 
loosing data in our case?

Any advice would be appreciated.

With regards,

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