[lustre-discuss] State of the upstream client

E.S. Rosenberg esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu
Tue May 23 10:15:27 PDT 2017

Hi all,
So I may be asking for something that will anyhow be dealt with at LUG 2017
but I actually would like to know.

At LUG 2016 there was a talk that sounded very hopeful that the upstream
version of lustre was taking leaps and bounds to being in sync with the
main Lustre project.

Where are we now on this?

We switched away from upstream due to its' instabilities and
incompatibility with Lustre 2.8.0 servers but will soon be building new
kernels, obviously we'll be testing either way but I do need to decide
whether its' even worth testing.

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