[lustre-discuss] Does lustre 2.10 client support 2.5 server ?

Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 04:27:28 PST 2017

> My Lustre server is running the version 2.5 and I want to use 2.10 client.
> Is this combination supported ? Is there anything that I need to be aware of

2 of our storage appliances (sonnexion 1600 based) run 2.5.1, I've
mounted this OK on infiniband clients fine with 2.10.0 and 2.10.1 OK,
but a colleague has since had to downgrade some of our clients to
2.9.0 on OPA / KNL hosts as we were seeing strange issues (can't
remember the ticket details)

We do see the warnings at startup:
Lustre: Server MGS version ( is much older than client.
Consider upgrading server (2.10.0)


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