[lustre-discuss] HPC Head node clustering and lustre

White, Cliff cliff.white at intel.com
Tue Nov 21 14:05:52 PST 2017

If the Lustre filesystem is mounted as a client on the head node(s), there should be no concerns over the failover of those nodes.
And no real need to failover Lustre, it can be mounted as a client on both nodes.  Much like a common NFS share, but better locking.
If the head node is a Lustre server, failover in that case is covered in the Lustre manual.


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Subject: [lustre-discuss] HPC Head node clustering and lustre

We have a small 10 node compute cluster . We have single  management/head node which is used as login node as well. The management consider this head node as single point of failure.  They are planning to buy another head/login/management node and make an active-passive cluster using Red hat pcs. The question i have is the Lustre file system which is mounted on these two nodes , will it be effected when the transfer between two nodes happen.
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