[lustre-discuss] Running IBM Power boxes as OSSs?

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We only routinely build/test with power clients but that’s because of prioritizing limited testing resources towards what our customers were using rather than avoiding known pitfalls. I do think that there are sites which also have power servers but I’ll let them speak up themselves rather than give you misinformation.

As for the hurdles of working on non-x86, there have been people in the Lustre community working on SPARC and ARM in recent times so they might be able to comment and I see that there is due to be a talk on Lustre on ARM servers at the upcoming LAD conference - https://www.eofs.eu/events/lad17 - which could provide some insights when it has been published

If you do decide to investigate further then please do report back to the list about how you fare


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This is my first posting to the list.
I have worked off an on with Lustre since a helping set up a demo at SC02 in Baltimore.
A long time has passed and I now find myself at IBM.
The question I have today is:

Are any sites running with IBM POWER hardware for their Lustre servers i.e. MDS and OSSs?
The only references I find are very old, certainly long before the availability of little-endian RedHat.

And if not, what are likely to be the pain points and hurdles in building and running Lustre on non-x86 platforms like POWER?


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