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Ravi Konila ravibhatk at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 09:20:53 PDT 2017

Thank you very much for quick response. 

Just a quick questions, some times I do get confused.

1. If I need 78TB for home and 50TB for scratch, how many OSTs should be there for each file system in a single DAS (attached to two OSSs (HA).
Presently my OST table is as follows:

          Total HDD RAID 6 Overhead Available HDD each HDD Capacity (in TB) Total in TB) 
      OST_01   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 
      OST_02   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 
      OST_03   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 
      OST_04   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 
      OST_05   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 
      OST_06   20 2 18 1.2 21.6 

2. How many MDTs should I create for each file system?


Ravi Konila
Sr. Technical Consultant
MSIL, India
Ph: +91 9901072688

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On Fri, Sep 15, 2017 at 6:54 AM, Ravi Konila <ravibhatk at gmail.com> wrote:


  I have few queries about Lustre File system as I am building new Lustre File system for our production use. 

  1. Can I create more than one Lustre file system for example, one Lustre file system for /home and other for /scratch ? 


  2. As of now I have created 6 OSTs (total of 128TB storage) under shared storage which uses two OSSs, how do I allocate that to different Lustre file system if I can create multiple file system?

You will need to partition the storage and assign each storage target to a different file system name.

  3. With single MDT can I have multiple Lustre file system?


  4. Is it better to create multiple MDTs or single MDT would do? (again I am using single shared storage with 2 MDS/MGS)?

You can have 1 MGS for multiple file systems, but each file system requires it's own MDT, and each file system can have multiple MDT's via DNE feature.

  Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

  Ravi Konila
  Sr. Technical Consultant
  MSIL, India
  Ph: +91 9901072688

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