[lustre-discuss] lustre iml on mds server

H. Meijering h.meijering at rug.nl
Fri Aug 3 06:13:17 PDT 2018


I don't advise to run IML on a separate machine, IML can consume a lot of
the resources from your system and on the mds'es and oss'es you need that
resources for Lustre itself.
We are running IML in our virtual server farm and have the compliments,
from hour administrators of the farm, that is one of the few systems which
is really using it resources.

Op ma 16 jul. 2018 om 21:38 schreef fırat yılmaz <firatyilmazz at gmail.com>:

> Hi All,
> Can i install iml server to one of my mds server?
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