[lustre-discuss] oldest lustre deployment?

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Wed Aug 15 08:07:37 PDT 2018

Oh, yes.  Absolutely.  Many sites are running 2.5, a few are evening running 1.8.

It's not "officially supported", but that's all those matrices indicate.

Sorry, assuming 2.7 or newer isn't safe yet.  2.5 may still be the largest single release by usage.

Check these slides for an update from this year on what's being run:

- Patrick

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I am looking at the patch to ROMIO to support the new Progressive File
Layout feature:


This change greatly reworks ROIMIO's support for determining striping count and stripe size.  I'm all for using the 'llapi_layout' routines instead of bare ioctl() calls, but llapi_layout did not show up until 2.7 I think.

Is there any chance that some enviroment out there is still running a
lustre from 2014 or earlier?

Nothing before 2.10 shows up in the "community matrix"


but I do see some fairly old versions in the "intel releases"



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