[lustre-discuss] lustre-monitoring email list

Rawlings, Kenrick D kerawlin at iu.edu
Thu Aug 23 16:26:11 PDT 2018

​Hi Alex,

There was an opportunity to discuss this on today's LWG call. There were concerns about the creation of a separate list for monitoring. This is due to the general community interest in the topic, having the discussions on another list making them less likely to be seen, and the likely volume of posts on a separate list.

In addition to lustre-discuss, it was proposed that talking about this further on an upcoming LWG call would be advantageous if that is something that would work with your schedule.



From: Alexander I Kulyavtsev <aik at fnal.gov>
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2018 12:50 PM
To: Rawlings, Kenrick D
Cc: lustre-discuss at lists.lustre.org
Subject: lustre-monitoring email list

Hi Ken, all.
Ken, could you please create “lustre-monitoring” email list at http://lists.lustre.org ?
The purpose of the list is to discuss the development and share experiences of lustre monitoring solutions.
Specifically, I would like to bring up the discussion of experiences of using influxdata TICK stack (telegraf, influxdb) and grafana for lustre monitoring; sharing of dashboard templates; possible alternatives  or complementary solutions (prometeus).
I feel lustre-discuss is more dedicated to core lustre, general lustre and operational/troubleshooting issues. I would like to keep discussion focused on monitoring solution implementation in the separate  list.
Best regards, Alex.

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