[lustre-discuss] Command line tool to monitor Lustre I/O ?

Alexander I Kulyavtsev aik at fnal.gov
Thu Dec 20 09:15:33 PST 2018

1) cerebro + ltop still work.

2) telegraf + inflixdb (collector, time series DB ). Telegraf has input plugins for lustre ("lustre2"), zfs,  and many others. Grafana to  plot live data from DB. Also, influxDB integrates with Prometheus.

Basically, each component can feed data to different output types through plugins; or take data from multiple type of sources so you can use different combination for your monitoring stack.

For the simplest tool you may take a look if telegraf from influxdb stack has proper output plugin (see influxdata on github).


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Dear Lustre administrators,

what is a good command line tool to monitor current Lustre metadata and
throughput operations on the local client or server? Up to now we had
used collectl but this no longer works for Lustre 2.10.

Some background about collectl: The Lustre support of collectl was
removed many years ago but up to Lustre 2.7 it was still possible to
monitor metadata and throughput operations on clients. In addition,
there were plugins which also worked for the server side, see
However, it seems that there was no update for these plugins to adapt
them for Lustre 2.10.

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