[lustre-discuss] multiple filesystem in MGS vs folder based ACL ? prons /cons

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Thu Jun 28 08:45:32 PDT 2018

> we have different research groups i am thinking to have one filesystem and
> beneath it using ACL have project folders .

well, the first approach should be to use the normal Unix mechanism: 
owners and groups.  ACLs are usually treated as a way to make exceptions,
since owner/group will capture most of the correct sharing relations.

after all, there's little harm in seeing lots of names in your /project 
mount.  unless someone botches the permissions, only the right people can
can traverse the trees.

> Just curious what re the pros/cons of having multiple filesystem vs single
> filesystem with folders ?

scalability of management.  it's not obviously scalable to manage many
separate filesystems, but very easy to manage thousands of groups
on a single filesystem.

> any advice ?

unless you have to prevent users from even seeing the existence 
of other users, just use a single filesystem.

Lustre's current/traditional owner-based quota accounting 
is a bit of a drag, but eventually there will be project quotas...

regards, mark hahn

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