[lustre-discuss] Group and Project quota enforcement semantics

Patrick Farrell pfarrell at whamcloud.com
Mon Aug 5 14:32:14 PDT 2019


The Lustre quota behavior is the standard Linux file system quota behavior - All data written by a user/group/in a project directory counts against all applicable quotas.  You'll see the same if using quotas on EXT4, XFS, etc.

Additionally (you didn't ask, but this is a common related question...), whenever you hit a quota limit, that's it - That means the effective limit is: MIN(user, project, group) (assuming project applies to the location where you're writing data).

- Patrick

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Hi all,

   I am starting to work with project and group quotas since they
seem like they would be a good fit for one of our newer filesystems.

I think that I have the system configured correctly, and project
quotas enabled on all OSTs and the MDT (lustre version 2.12.2).
Basic tests appear to work correctly so far.

   The question I have is related to how group/project quotas
relate to user quotas. In particular, from the manual, it states
that if a group quota exists, the blocks written count against
that quota. My assumption was that those blocks would not also
count against the user's individual quota. However, it appears
that this is not the case, and in fact the quota applies to both
the user and the group.

So the question is: does the behavior above sound correct, or have
I missed something?

And generally, it looks like the filesystem configuration itself is
correct, but if I need to supply more detail, please let me know.

Thanks much!



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