[lustre-discuss] Group and Project quota enforcement semantics

Steve Barnet barnet at icecube.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 5 16:05:46 PDT 2019

Hi Patrick,

On 8/5/19 4:32 PM, Patrick Farrell wrote:
> Steve,
> The Lustre quota behavior is the standard Linux file system quota 
> behavior - All data written by a user/group/in a project directory 
> counts against all applicable quotas.  You'll see the same if using 
> quotas on EXT4, XFS, etc.
> Additionally (you didn't ask, but this is a common related question...), 
> whenever you hit a quota limit, that's it - That means the effective 
> limit is: MIN(user, project, group) (assuming project applies to the 
> location where you're writing data).

Thanks much. That answered it perfectly!



> - Patrick
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> Hi all,
>     I am starting to work with project and group quotas since they
> seem like they would be a good fit for one of our newer filesystems.
> I think that I have the system configured correctly, and project
> quotas enabled on all OSTs and the MDT (lustre version 2.12.2).
> Basic tests appear to work correctly so far.
>     The question I have is related to how group/project quotas
> relate to user quotas. In particular, from the manual, it states
> that if a group quota exists, the blocks written count against
> that quota. My assumption was that those blocks would not also
> count against the user's individual quota. However, it appears
> that this is not the case, and in fact the quota applies to both
> the user and the group.
> So the question is: does the behavior above sound correct, or have
> I missed something?
> And generally, it looks like the filesystem configuration itself is
> correct, but if I need to supply more detail, please let me know.
> Thanks much!
> Best,
> ---Steve
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