[lustre-discuss] Running an older Lustre server (2.5) with a newer client (2.11)

Kirill Lozinskiy KLozinskiy at lbl.gov
Thu Aug 29 16:00:26 PDT 2019

Hey Lustre fans!

Is there anyone out there running Lustre server version 2.5.x with a Lustre
client version 2.11.x? I'm curious if you are running this combination and
whether or not you saw and gains or losses when you went to the newer
Lustre client.

We were running Lustre 2.7 client before and just recently went to 2.11.
I'm trying to get a better understanding as to how common it is to have the
version drift between the server and the client, as well as any positive or
negative experiences.

Thanks a lot,
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