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BOUGET Quentin quentin.bouget at cea.fr
Mon Dec 9 06:58:55 PST 2019

Dear Lustre Community,

The videos of LAD'19 are now available on the event's website 

To save you a click, here is a copy of the links:

    Welcome / Keynote <https://youtu.be/it352VGgCKI> - Thomas Leibovici
    / Philippe Deniel, CEA
    Community Release Update <https://youtu.be/bMP4uAFYcKs> - Peter
    Jones, Whamcloud
    Lustre Performance Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    <https://youtu.be/igP67_cXASY> - Shuichi Ihara, Whamcloud
    Lustre and IO500 - Experiences from June 2019 IO500 with the
    Cambridge Data Accelerator <https://youtu.be/tYqog7aqoZo> - Matthew
    Raso-Barnett, University of Cambridge
    Lustre Performance on DDN SFA18KE <https://youtu.be/H7Hh-hCSfsA> -
    Gaël Delbary, CEA

    Lustre 2.14 and Beyond <https://youtu.be/s86lSjcNxXM> - Andreas
    Dilger, Whamcloud
    Lustre Client Encryption <https://youtu.be/7LeNKqpAets> - Sébastien
    Buisson, Whamcloud
    NVRAM-oriented Lustre Persistent Cache on Client
    <https://youtu.be/gHU48IIBGAs> - Li Xi, Whamcloud, Lingfang Zeng and
    Wen Cheng, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    Fast Scanning and Scalable Search <https://youtu.be/HER17hOrl-8> -
    Nathan Rutman, Cray
    RobinHood-v4 progress report <https://youtu.be/qhFlaPm3az0> -
    Quentin Bouget, CEA

    Confessions of a Gatekeeper <https://youtu.be/WlXrBf__sEo> - Oleg
    Drokin, Whamcloud
    The filesystem as a living creature <https://youtu.be/SbyUx_g_XjA> -
    Diego Moreno, ETH Zurich
    LNet Multi-Rail Improvement <https://youtu.be/GczQY5vT_KU> -
    Tatsushi Takamura and Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu
    LDISKFS block allocator and aged file system
    <https://youtu.be/i_py1G5GAJ4> - Artem Blagodarenko, Cray

    Cache replacement policies for storage tiering of Lustre
    <https://youtu.be/JMlEbYgkJ1o> - Li Xi, Whamcloud
    Predicting file lifetime with machine learning
    <https://youtu.be/7FKEIpnYqy4> - Florent Monjalet, CEA
    Experience Running DMF7 on Lustre <https://youtu.be/MTeyRXuoQh4> -
    Olaf Weber, HPE
    Externalized HSM Coordinator <https://youtu.be/THvjazjC3mA> - Ben
    Evans and Nathan Rutman, Cray
    Data management on Lustre using DMF 7 and Ceph
    <https://youtu.be/TDJM3IkTCo8> - Alberto Gali, HPE

Quentin Bouget

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