[lustre-discuss] Lemur Lustre - make rpm fails

Pinkesh Valdria pinkesh.valdria at oracle.com
Mon Dec 9 15:04:13 PST 2019

I am trying to install Lemur on CentOS 7.6 (7.6.1810) to integrate with Object storage but the install fails.   I used the instructions on below page to install.  I already had Lustre client (2.12.3) installed on the machine,  so I started with steps for Lemur. 





Steps followed: 

git clone https://github.com/whamcloud/lemur.git
cd lemur
git checkout master
service docker start
make rpm

[root at lustre-client-4 lemur]# make rpm

make -C packaging/docker

make[1]: Entering directory `/root/lemur/packaging/docker'

make[2]: Entering directory `/root/lemur/packaging/docker/go-el7'

Building go-el7/1.13.5-1.fc32 for 1.13.5-1.fc32

docker build -t go-el7:1.13.5-1.fc32 -t go-el7:latest --build-arg=go_version=1.13.5-1.fc32 --build-arg=go_macros_version=3.0.8-4.fc31  .

Sending build context to Docker daemon 4.608 kB

Step 1/9 : FROM centos:7

 ---> 5e35e350aded

Step 2/9 : MAINTAINER Robert Read <robert.read at intel.com>

 ---> Using cache

 ---> 4be0d7fa27a2

Step 3/9 : RUN yum install -y @development golang pcre-devel glibc-static which

 ---> Using cache

 ---> ac83254f37f7

Step 4/9 : RUN mkdir -p /go/src /go/bin && chmod -R 777 /go

 ---> Using cache

 ---> fdbb4d031716

Step 5/9 : ENV GOPATH /go PATH $GOPATH/bin:$PATH

 ---> Using cache

 ---> 216c5484727e

Step 6/9 : RUN go get github.com/tools/godep && cp /go/bin/godep /usr/local/bin

 ---> Running in aed86ac3eb87


/bin/sh: go: command not found

The command '/bin/sh -c go get github.com/tools/godep && cp /go/bin/godep /usr/local/bin' returned a non-zero code: 127

make[2]: *** [go-el7/1.13.5-1.fc32] Error 127

make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/lemur/packaging/docker/go-el7'

make[1]: *** [go-el7] Error 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/lemur/packaging/docker'

make: *** [docker] Error 2

[root at lustre-client-4 lemur]#


Is this repo for Lemur the most updated version? 



[root at lustre-client-4 lemur]# lfs --version

lfs 2.12.3

[root at lustre-client-4 lemur]#







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