[lustre-discuss] Nodemap, ssk and mutiple fileset from one client

Hans Henrik Happe happe at nbi.dk
Mon Dec 30 14:51:05 PST 2019


Is it possible to have one client mount multiple fileset's with
different ssk keys.

Basically, we would just like to hand out a key to clients that should
be allowed to mount a specific fileset (subdir). First, it looks like
the nodemap must contain the client NID for it to be able to mount. The
key is not enough. Secondly, nodemaps are not allowed hold the same
NIDs, so it seems impossible to have multiple ssk protected filesets
mounted from one client, unless multiple NIDs are used?

Example: For nodes A and B and filesets f0 (key0) and f1 (key1).

A: Should be allowed to mount f0 (key0).
B: Should be allowed to mount f0 (key0) and f1 (key1).

Hans Henrik

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