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Mannthey, Keith keith.mannthey at intel.com
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http://wiki.lustre.org/Main_Page has link for how 2 guides.

If you are doing a bare metal Lustre OSS and VM MDS?   Just for testing?

If your VMs are hosting Linux you should be able to mount the Lustre namespace pretty easily.
https://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Lustre+Support+Matrix will show you which version of Linux Lustre has been tested with.

I am not aware of any Oracle VM specific enablement but maybe someone else does.   What are you trying to do with Lustre in your environment?

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We are seeking a how to guide for building an evaluation lab.

Was thinking to create 1 x MDS VM server and 2 x OSS Physical servers for 1 x JBOD shared storage, will this work?

Finally, can client agents be installed on Oracle VM Server & Oracle VM Manager?


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