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Hi Keith,


Many thanks for your feedback.


We are seeking to build a SAN with no single point of failure to only host VM guest. We are big fans of ZFS and will use ZFS to replicate snapshots to Sun ZFS storage appliance in another datacentre as a backup solution.


We are currently using HP P2000G3 with D2700 shelves and need to add more storage and don’t wish to invest any further in this SAN. We use redundant Brocade FC switching plus redundant Nexus 10G switching.


We can use bare metal for MDS servers if required, just seeking faster way to setup POC.





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http://wiki.lustre.org/Main_Page has link for how 2 guides. 


If you are doing a bare metal Lustre OSS and VM MDS?   Just for testing? 


If your VMs are hosting Linux you should be able to mount the Lustre namespace pretty easily.   

https://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Lustre+Support+Matrix will show you which version of Linux Lustre has been tested with.  


I am not aware of any Oracle VM specific enablement but maybe someone else does.   What are you trying to do with Lustre in your environment? 




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We are seeking a how to guide for building an evaluation lab.


Was thinking to create 1 x MDS VM server and 2 x OSS Physical servers for 1 x JBOD shared storage, will this work?


Finally, can client agents be installed on Oracle VM Server & Oracle VM Manager?







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