[lustre-discuss] Full OST, any way of avoiding it without hanging?

Jason Williams jasonw at jhu.edu
Sat Jan 5 18:49:24 PST 2019


We have a lustre system (version 2.10.4) that has unfortunately fallen victim to a 100% full OST... Every time we clear some space on it, the system fills it right back up again.

I have looked around the internet and found you can disable an OST, but when I have tried that, any writes (including deletes) to the OST hang the clients indefinitely.  Does anyone know a way to make an OST basically "read-only" with the exception of deletes so we can work to clear out the OST?  Or better yet, a way to "drain" or move files off an OST with a script (keeping in mind it might not be known if the files are in use at the time).  Or even a way to tell lustre "Hey don't write any new data here, but reading and removing data is OK."

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