[lustre-discuss] LFS tuning hierarchy question

Ms. Megan Larko dobsonunit at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:24:31 PST 2019

Thank you for the information, Patrick.

On my current Lustre client all Lustre File Systems mounted (called
/mnt/foo and /mnt/bar in my example) display a connection value for
max_rpcs_in_flight = 8 for both file systems--the /mnt/foo on which the
server has max_rpcs_in_flight = 8 and also for /mnt/bar on which the Lustre
server indicates max_rpcs_in_flight = 32.

So using the Lustre 2.7.2 client default behavior all of the Lustre mounts
viewed on the client are max_rpcs_in_flight = 8.

I am assuming that I will need to set the value for max_rpcs_in_flight to
32 on the client and then the client will pick up the 32 where 32 is
possible from the Lustre File System server and 8 on those Lustre File
Systems where the servers have not increased the default value for that

Is this correct?

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