[lustre-discuss] LFS tuning hierarchy question

Patrick Farrell pfarrell at whamcloud.com
Thu Jan 24 18:59:59 PST 2019

Ah, I understand.  Yes, that’s correct.  You can also set the value on the MGS for that file system with lctl set_param -P mdc.*.max_rpcs_in_flight=32, that will apply on the clients,

How are you checking the value on the server?  There should be no MDC there.  If it is instead associated with the MDT, then that is, I believe, a maximum and not a default.
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Thank you for the information, Patrick.

On my current Lustre client all Lustre File Systems mounted (called /mnt/foo and /mnt/bar in my example) display a connection value for max_rpcs_in_flight = 8 for both file systems--the /mnt/foo on which the server has max_rpcs_in_flight = 8 and also for /mnt/bar on which the Lustre server indicates max_rpcs_in_flight = 32.

So using the Lustre 2.7.2 client default behavior all of the Lustre mounts viewed on the client are max_rpcs_in_flight = 8.

I am assuming that I will need to set the value for max_rpcs_in_flight to 32 on the client and then the client will pick up the 32 where 32 is possible from the Lustre File System server and 8 on those Lustre File Systems where the servers have not increased the default value for that parameter.

Is this correct?

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