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Alfonso Pardo alfonso.pardo at ciemat.es
Mon Jul 8 04:42:18 PDT 2019



We have an issue with Lustre quotas and groups. We assign storage quotas to
users groups. In general it works fine, but sometimes with some groups
Lustre says that the quota limit has been passed. But it not true, if you
run “lfs quota -g XXXX /data” we get a storage used below the quota limit:


Disk quotas for group XXXXXX (gid 694):

Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace

/mnt/data  2.148G*    20G     20G 2d1h31m9s   32733  100000  100000       -



As you can see in this example the group has 2.148Gb used, and the quotas is
established to 20Gb, but Lustre say that the quota has been passed (*) and a
grace period has started.


If I upgrade the quota to 50G, for example, the quota indicator (*) and no
quota errors is vanished.



Any idea or suggestion?



Thanks in advance


Alfonso Pardo Díaz
Departamento de Tecnología
Conventual de San Francisco
10200 Trujillo (Cáceres)
Tel: 927 659 317 | Ext: 214
alfonso.pardo at ciemat.es <mailto:alfonso.pardo at ciemat.es> 



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