[lustre-discuss] ZFS tunings

Degremont, Aurelien degremoa at amazon.com
Wed Jul 10 01:35:31 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I know good default tunings for ZFS when used with Lustre is a big topic. There are several pages on wiki or LUG/LAD slides which are few years old and it is difficult to know which ones are still relevant when used with recent Lustre and ZFS versions.

Does anybody have insight about which tunings are important. Especially for:

  *   zfs atime (does DMU when used by Lustre also updates atime ?)
  *   redundant_metadata=most
  *   metaslab_debug_unload=1
  *   zfs_prefetch_disable=1
  *   zfs_vdev_scheduler=deadline

Lustre already sets ‘xattr=sa’, ‘dnodesize=auto’ and ‘recordsize=1M’ automatically since Lustre 2.11.



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