[lustre-discuss] lfsck namespace doesn't stop and I cancel it

Yong, Fan fan.yong at intel.com
Wed Jun 26 09:02:33 PDT 2019

If you have no other way to stop the lfsck, then you can try re-mount the MDT with option "-o skip_lfsck".


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Dear lustre users,

I tried to run a lfsck namespace in our lustre filesystem, lustre 2.10.7, and the lfsck never ends and I can't stop it using the lctl lfsck_stop command.

I tried to kill the lfsck process, stop lustre, reboot the metadata server, and when I mount the combined mdt + mgs the lfsck starts again automatically.

How can I stop the lfsck namespace process?

The commands that I runned are the following:

Start the lfsck namespace:

lctl lfsck_query -t namespace -M lustre-MDT0000

Try to stop the lfsck because it never ends:

lctl lfsck_stop -M lustre-MDT0000


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