[lustre-discuss] Tools for backing up a ZFS MDT

Hans Henrik Happe happe at nbi.dk
Fri Mar 29 15:03:51 PDT 2019

Hi Kurt,

Haven't got much experience with the complete send/receive to a remote
ZFS fs. However, I've created my own scripts for just sending to files.
Also, I've moved an MDT from ashift=12 to ashift=9 with send/recv. It
worked without any problems.

ZFS above 0.7.9 have issues together with dnodesize != legacy for receives:


I'll look into ZnapZend :-)

Hans Henrik

On 25/03/2019 20.37, Kurt Strosahl wrote:
> Good Afternoon,
>      I've been working on a new lustre file system, now with ZFS on the
> MDT (my current lustre file system uses ldiskfs).  One of the reasons
> for this was the ability to use ZFS snapshots to backup the MDT, and I'm
> wondering if anyone has experience with zfs backup tools like ZnapZend?
> w/r,
> Kurt J. Strosahl
> System Administrator: Lustre, HPC
> Scientific Computing Group, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
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