[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.12 chokes on files created by 2.4/2.5?

Franke, Knut knut.franke at atos.net
Mon Apr 27 01:23:11 PDT 2020

Hello list,

after upgrading a filesystem (with ZFS backend) from 2.10 to 2.12, I've
started to see errors stat()ing some of the older files (lstat() hangs;
after disabling auto-scrub on the OSSes, it returns with -1 EREMCHG),
and I'm wondering why nobody else seems to be having this issue. Errors
like the following appear on OST1 (but not OST0):

_check_lma()) fs-OST0001: FID-in-LMA [0x100000000:0x145:0x0] does not
match the object self-fid [0x100010000:0x145:0x0]

Has anyone else been seeing these?

The check that's failing here has been added in commit 89ead21 (LU-
zfs: OI scrub for ZFS), which is included since Lustre 2.11, so I'm
guessing that the inconsistency has simply been ignored by Lustre 2.10.

In lustre/osp/osp_internal.h I found the following comment:

> In 2.6+ ost_idx is packed into IDIF FID, while in 2.4 and 2.5 IDIF is
> always FID_SEQ_IDIF(0x100000000ULL), which does not include OST index
> in the seq.

Looking at the inaccessible files (and the OSS logs), it seems that the
issue can be traced to lookup failures of objects on OST 1 with FID-in-
LMA sequence number 0x100000000 (i.e. written by Lustre 2.4/2.5
according to the above, which is a reasonable assumption for the
filesystem and files in question), where Lustre erroneously adds the
OST index to the self-fid (or erroneously compares the new-style self-
fid to the old-style FID-in-LMA). If this is true, this error should
occur for basically all files written by Lustre 2.4/2.5 (except if they
have a stripe count of 1 and only reside on OST 0).

Does this make sense? Should osd_check_lma simply be more lenient in
its check in order to allow for old-style FIDs? Should I manually
change the affected trusted.lma EAs on OST1 to include the OST index in
the sequence number? Or would either of these cause issues in other

More details at https://jira.whamcloud.com/projects/LU/issues/LU-13392.

Kind regards,
Knut Franke
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