[lustre-discuss] Upgraded Lustre client now has SElinux failure

Kevin M. Hildebrand kevin at umd.edu
Tue Aug 4 11:01:53 PDT 2020

Hi, I just updated a RedHat machine from RHEL8.1 to RHEL8.2, and Lustre
from 2.12.4 to 2.12.5.  I've built the lustre client from source, using
Mellanox OFED 5.0-

After the update, I can no longer mount my Lustre filesystem- I'm getting
the following error:

# mount /lustre
[ 1482.866631] Lustre: Mounted scratch-client
[ 1482.882120] SELinux: (dev lustre, type lustre) has no security xattr
[ 1483.048469] Lustre: Unmounted scratch-client

Has anyone else seen this issue?


Kevin Hildebrand
University of Maryland
Division of IT
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