[lustre-discuss] status of HSM copytools?

Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 05:54:23 PDT 2020

Hi folks,
I'm looking round to see what's current / 'supported' / working in the
state of copytools. Ideally one that can migrate to/from object stores
(Ceph or S3). The github repo for Lemur
(https://github.com/whamcloud/lemur/commits/master) doesn't seem to
have had any substantial work since it left Intel - unlucky timing
with the owner shift?
I've seen another from Compute Canada
(https://github.com/ComputeCanada/lustre-obj-copytool) but that too
hasn't been touched for years.

Anyone care to comment on some working ones? Horror stories? Ones to avoid?
hey, I'm even (I'll probably regret this) open to _email_ from
salesdroids if you have a working product and can point me to some
users (but don't try and phone me or make me sit through a webinar).

Many thanks


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