[lustre-discuss] Bulk Attach/Detach - Lustre PCC (Persistent Client Cache)

Qian Yingjin qian at ddn.com
Sun Aug 30 19:33:24 PDT 2020

Current there is no such command in Lustre to specify a folder and all files under the directory & sub-directories will be batched attached or detached.

One way as you said is to use some custom script to traverse a directory recursively and call "lfs pcc attach/detach".
Another way is to develop a program to customize the attach/detach via llapi for PCC feature.
See lustre-release/lustre/doc:

llapi_pcc_attach.3  llapi_pcc_attach_fid.3  llapi_pcc_attach_fid_str.3

llapi_pcc_detach_fid.3     llapi_pcc_detach_fid_str.3

llapi_pcc_detach_fid_fd.3  llapi_pcc_detach_file.3


int llapi_pcc_attach(const char *" path ", __u32 " id ,

.BI "                     enum lu_pcc_type " type ");"

This llapi is use to attach a file with a given name.

By this way, a use can customize PCC attach/detach files under a specified directory or with specified UID/GID/ProjID.
Or you can combine with mpiFileutils to do attach/detach in parallel.

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