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Peter Jones pjones at whamcloud.com
Thu Dec 10 20:41:26 PST 2020

Hi Andrew

Yes you've got the plan of record correct - any future 2.12.x releases will stick with RHEL 7.x servers and when the LTS branch shifts to something newer that will include a jump to RHEL 8 \servers. As an aside, note that people do maintain patch series for server support for other distributions (SLES/Ubuntu), particularly on the more current releases, but the bulk of the testing is focused on RHEL/Centos servers. There will definitely be plenty of notice before we make the shift and we discussed on the LWG meeting earlier today about including a question about this in the community survey in the new year to poll people's opinions on this topic.


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    Hi All,
    I'm guessing most of you have heard of the recent roadmap for CentOS
    (discussion of which isn't on topic for this list), but can we have a
    vague (happy for it to be "at this point we're thinking about X, but
    we haven't really decided" level) indication of what the plan for the
    upcoming releases are likely to be?
    Thanks for the 2.12.6 update the other day - that's on this
    afternoon's plan to get it on our testbed and I see from Peter's mail
    that 2.12.7 will be the next LTS release. Will this likely be using
    RHEL 7.x for server again?
    Are the remaining 2.12.x LTS releases likely to stick with RHEL 7 for server?
    Is the "next big branch" LTS release (whatever that may be) likely to
    be based on RHEL 8 for server?
    Many thanks
    Andrew (who's trying to work out what licence purchases we're likely
    to need to include in storage plans)
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