[lustre-discuss] Kernel/OS/Lustre version matching

Steve Brasier steveb at stackhpc.com
Fri Dec 11 02:40:41 PST 2020

Hi all, I hope I haven't missed something obvious in the docs here but I am
confused about versions.

I'm trying to install the lustre client on a Centos 8.2 system with the
4.18.0-193 kernel, which is an un-updated kernel.

The client install instructions at [1] say to look at the changelog [2] for
the list of supported kernels. There, that kernel is only listed against
the unreleased 2.14.0 version. However the Lustre Support Matrix at [3]
shows RHEL 8.2 as a client using 2.12.5. Does that mean 2.12.5 will work
with the above kernel, or should I use another kernel with that OS version?
If the former, how come it's not listed in the changelog?

On a related note the changelong only shows 2.x.0 versions - is kernel
compatibility the same for all 2.x.y versions for the same x?

many thanks for any help

[3]: https://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Lustre+Support+Matrix

Please note I work Tuesday to Friday.
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