[lustre-discuss] enable quota enforcement on the fly?

Liam Forbes loforbes at alaska.edu
Mon Feb 17 11:42:21 PST 2020

We recently noticed we apparently did not enable group quota enforcement
early last year during the most recent rebuild of our Lustre filesystem. Is
it possible to do so on the fly, or is it better/required for the
filesystem to be quiesced first? We are using Lustre 2.10.7 with ZFS 0.7.5
(project quotas are not needed).

[loforbes at mds01 ~]$ lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info
target name:    lustre2-MDT0000
pool ID:        0
type:           md
quota enabled:  none
conn to master: setup
space acct:     ug
user uptodate:  glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]
group uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]
project uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]

Thank you!

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