[lustre-discuss] enable quota enforcement on the fly?

Liam Forbes loforbes at alaska.edu
Fri Feb 21 12:09:54 PST 2020

In case anybody else has the same question, you can enable quota
enforcement on the fly with 2.10.7, and later I assume. Thanks to Rick Mohr
for letting us know. We applied the parameter and quotas are working as

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 10:42 AM Liam Forbes <loforbes at alaska.edu> wrote:

> We recently noticed we apparently did not enable group quota enforcement
> early last year during the most recent rebuild of our Lustre filesystem. Is
> it possible to do so on the fly, or is it better/required for the
> filesystem to be quiesced first? We are using Lustre 2.10.7 with ZFS 0.7.5
> (project quotas are not needed).


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